Could your home benefit from a water leak detection system?

When you think about water damage, you may imagine flooding resulting from a natural disaster. However, a more common way water damage occurs is due to problems with a home’s pipes and plumbing.¹

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), water damage is five times more likely than theft, and seven times more likely than fire.¹

The good news is that automatic water shut-off systems and Wi-Fi-connected water leak detectors can reduce non-weather-related water losses by up to 93%.²

Automatic water shut-off systems
A valve is installed on your home’s main water supply line to monitor water pressure, flow rate or temperature and it can shut off the water if it detects a leak.³ This can include situations like a toilet that is running constantly or a broken pipe.

In addition, the device sends real-time alerts to your smartphone so you can remotely control the home’s water and view water usage, pressure, temperature and flow rate.⁴
Device functionality may differ by manufacturer.

The system prevents water from flowing, potentially saving thousands of dollars in water damage.

It’s a good idea to hire a licensed plumber to install a water shut-off system. He or she will evaluate the home’s plumbing and determine what system is compatible.⁵

Moisture sensors
This system detects the presence of water using small disks installed in rooms where leaks could occur, including bathrooms, the laundry room, the kitchen, near sinks, by the water heater and in the basement.⁶

When water makes contact with the disks, it sends alerts to your smartphone so you can shut off the flow of water before more serious damage can occur. If the system is connected to an automatic shut-off valve, it may be able to shut off the water for you.³

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