Commitment is at the heart of any relationship, and we know the importance of following through on our commitments. When you need us the most, we won't simply try to help, or promise to help; we will help. We measure our success by the relationships we build and the expectations we exceed.


We believe in a comprehensive approach to personal safety, and we’re committed to helping you properly insure your home and possessions. Our goal is to identify potential money-saving opportunities for you, while increasing your level of protection and security.

Buying an insurance policy is an important step in protecting your assets. At Nationwide, Private Client’s dedicated Risk Solutions team is available to educate our agents and clients. Our Risk Solutions consultants specialize in loss mitigation, disaster preparation and home safety, and will lead an assessment of your property to identify potential problems.  Learn more about home safety from our Private Client Solutions Series.

As part of your homeowners policy, we provide a complimentary home inspection. During this inspection, your home's unique features will be documented to develop an accurate coverage estimate. You will also learn helpful natural disaster preparation techniques to share with your family.

Our consultants are available to give you information on resources and services in your area and to help protect you from potential losses - often at an additional discount, just for being a our client.


When it comes to natural disasters, nothing is more crucial than preparation. That's why we are dedicated to helping you understand the best measures to protect your assets and family. Mitigation matters - and we are here to help.

Private Client Risk Solutions Consultants are highly trained and experienced in providing relevant, reliable advice on dealing with catastrophes, based on your unique circumstances and geographic location. Our consultants have strong partnerships with local experts who are able to assist with pre-and-post catastrophe planning and preparation. In cooperation with Nationwide Insurance, we partnered with the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) to identify and promote actions that strengthen communities against catastrophes and other risks.


In order to better protect your interests, we believe in keeping you informed and educated. Private Client policies and coverages are important first steps in guarding your assets, but the right preparation can help save lives.

Consider the following tips, in addition to discussing them with your Private Client agent:

  • Create an emergency plan that documents escape routes and meeting places.
  • Learn how to shut off gas, electric and water lines and keep tools in a convenient place.
  • Take a training course in first aid and CPR at your local American Red Cross office.
  • Make an inventory of your valuables, along with serial numbers and purchase dates and keep a copy of it in a safe, offsite location.
  • Account for your pets and make sure they are properly identified.
  • Create an emergency kit, including:
    • A three-day supply of water (one gallon per person, per day)
    • High-energy and ready-to-eat foods
    • First aid kit, vitamins, prescription medication and sanitation supplies
    • Tools, flashlights, waterproof matches, dust masks and work gloves
    • Dry clothing, blankets and children's essentials
    • Whistle and a crank- or battery-powered radio
    • Map, copies of driver's licenses, credit cards, insurance policies and a list of resources in your area

It is especially important to involve your children in the planning process. Make sure they know what to expect during a disaster, where to go and how they can help. As a Private Client, a variety of resources are available to you, free of cost, through our Pre-Catastrophe Response Consultation program.


Homes in the Western United States are particularly vulnerable to the threat of devastating wildfires.

But simple, preventive measures can help better protect your home and property from this potential disaster.

If you live in a wildfire-prone area, we'll not only inspect and review your home for possible threats, we'll suggest measures to help you better protect your property.

We'll also work with local fire services and other agencies to provide additional wildfire safety measures for your home and family.

Through our relationships with trusted associations, we’re committed to educating Private Client agents and policyholders about wildfires to help prevent future losses.

For example, we have partnered with Wildfire Defense Systems Inc. (WDS) to operate and manage our Wildfire Solutions program.

Private Client policyholders in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming have access to these services by WDS:

Loss mitigation consultation: During a site visit, Private Client staff use industry-leading mobile technology to collect information about a client's home and its wildfire threat potential. WDS uses the data to create a customized report detailing fire-safety measures.

Wildfire monitoring and notification: WDS monitors wildfires across the country from an operations center and provides Nationwide Private Client real-time information when fires threaten clients' homes.

Response services: When WDS has been dispatched to a fire, if that fire is determined to be a threat to your residence as determined by a WDS duty officer, WDS may take pre-suppression action it deems necessary. These measures could include sprinkler setup, fuel break preparation and the application of fire blocking gel or retardant. Services are provided based on availability and only when civil authorities grant access within the evacuation zone and conditions are safe for WDS to access your property. Although there is no guarantee the property will be spared fire damage, all reasonable efforts will be made to save the home.

For more information about the Wildfire Solutions program contact a Private Client appointed agent

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